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Urban Bicycles is a project born to foster and dignify the urban bicycles use. We offer a bicycles´selection made for its city daily use, along with accessories to make the life of the urban rider easier, as well as our workshop and rentals.

It is in the big urban cores where the use of a bike comes more in handy, offering the freedom, agility and personal independence. Its use, unlike cars´, avoids the impotence of winding up stuck in traffic jams, having to wait, loops and parking. Plus, it promotes a more active and healthier life style.

By using the bicycle you will contribute to lower the emission of C02. The fuel use in the bicycle is none, which is nice for our pockets, but also, in a higher level improves the quality of our environment.

These are the main reasons why we believe in the bicycle as the best option of alternative transport, these are the Urban Bicycles reasons.

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