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We're a professional tour company specializing in cultural, historic, culinary and adventure programs on Šolta Island. From gourmet experiences to discovering the islands on a bicycle, we offer a complete range of exciting Šolta programs.

All of our guides are Croatian or live right here on Šolta—passionate and ready to show you a great time!

Šolta is 22 km long and few km wide, known for its beautifull natural landscapes, old villages, numerous bays and hidden coves. It's very well conected by ferry to Split, just a 45 minute crossing to the island's main port of Rogač.

With a history dating back thousands of years, the seaside town of Nečujam was even used by the Roman Emperor Diocletian more than 1,700 years ago as a summer retreat where he even has a private, stocked fish “farm” created whose rock foundations can still be seen even to this day! Today, Šolta is famous for its charming villages, untouched beauty and its world-famous olive oil—including a variety that only grows here!

Because of its climate and geographical position, soil and sunny days Šolta is also famous for a variety of grapes called Dobričić that has been traced to one of the ancestors of Plavac Mali and for its famous rosemary honey.

We invite you to discover Šolta's unique beauty and culture with us and local olive growers, beekepers, fishermen, winemakers, artists and other native islanders. —passionate about their island and ready to show you great experiences !

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