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MRBike is bike rental, bike tours and bike repairs. Our aim is to let you experience and see the best of Rome in a fun and ecological way!
We offer high quality orange bicycles at very good price and we are specialized in bike tours and in bike assistance during rental/tour period or whenever you have a problem with your bike.
We trust in bicycle not only as a form of transportation but also as the best way for anyone to discover a place… still better if you are in a beautiful city like Rome. Many of the hidden gems of this Eternal City can be discovered in this way!

MRBike offer a comprehensive service tailored to suit our client’s needs, from bike rental to guided tours, and bike repairs.
MrBike provide you with all the necessary accessories; booster seats for children, top quality helmets, bike locks, night lights and baskets. Our aim is to ensure our client has a fun, safe and memorable bike experience in Rome!

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3 reviews
Pas mal mais Rome et ses pavés par endroit...
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Service commited was delivered with no issues
Very good experience during the entire process
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Parfait !
Le gérant était gentil et souriant !
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