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With Pako Bike you have the possibility to explore the Cinque Terre and the Golfo dei Poeti in a unique way off the beaten track.

Visit the authentic beauty of this region by your own or on guided tours.

With our E-Mountainbikes of the last generation you climb up hill easily and save your breath for the breathless views.

Pako Bike has studied and selected the most spectacular tours of the area.

At TOUR you find the route which fits best to your desires, with the average time and difficulty indications.

There are also personalized services: make an original gift, choose a mini tour of 2-3 hours.

Sunrise Tour departs before dawn to reach a secrete place to admire the sun rising from the snowy Apuan Alps, followed by cappuccino and focaccia.

Sunset Tour departs to the best exposed spot where to photograph the sun that dives into the sea and tasting farinata and local beers.

Aperitivo Tour let’s drive to a panoramic spot above the Cinqueterre where to enjoy a genuine Ligurian aperitif.

Dinner Tour We pick you up at the hotel and bring you to local restaurants where you can enjoy real local cuisine with view.

Wine Tour Cinqueterre wine tasting, includes the famous Sciacchetrà, at a certified winegrower with a professional explanation and walk through the vineyards.

Oil Tour You get to a local olive grove overlooking the gulf of poets to learn how to make oil and enjoy a selection of hand made olive oil with bruschetta and local wine.


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Vrij 09:00-20:00
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