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Hire a bike! It is the perfect way to see Dublin’s fair city. Explore the city’s amazing south coast and its iconic historical and cultural landmarks. Dublin’s south is littered with quaint seaside towns and villages, with a hugh amount of local sights and attractions on offer- the Forty Foot, Dalkey Castle, James Joyce Tower, Dalkey Island, Vico Road and its exquisite bathing spots and panoramic vistas.

So if it’s a swim, sightseeing or shopping you prefer, you’ll find something for everyone. Meander through local markets, boutiques or simply relax in one of the many bars and eateries to sample the local beers and cuisine along your way.

From Killiney Hill you have the panoramic views of the city, from Howth in the far north to Bray and the Sugar Loaf in the south. For those who fancy a bit more of a challenge, off the beaten track or simply want to explore outside the limits, visit Enniskerry and Wicklow’s Powerscourt House and gardens.

We only rent Adult bikes. We have chosen the Claude Butler – Explorer 100 for our rentals at the centre. The Explorer range combines the look, feel and design of the hybrid and the mountain bike, offering the best of both worlds.

The bikes come with a wide choice of gears, thick tyre tread and great suspension, which means you’ll feel comfortably fast on tarmac and also free to head for the hills or trails if the mood takes you.

We provide helmets, pumps, locks, bells and puncture repair kits with each rental. In the unlikely event of a puncture please use the repair kit. Ask at reception how to use the kit before leaving the club premises.

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